412 Callers Employed

510,120 Appointments Set


Earned in Agent Commissions

A Fully Trained Caller

Our Telemarketers are heavily screened, vetted, and trained on our scripts, systems, and procedures before they are ever placed with an Agent

Guaranteed Performance

We are so confident in our process and system that we offer a 6 month replacement guarantee to all of our clients. If your telemarketer doesn't perform what we advertise you are entitled to a replacement at your request

Full Support &Training

We provide our agents with weekly live trainings via zoom, access to our training libraries, and our private Facebook group to help you manage your telemarketer more effectively. We don't leave anyone in the dark

Your Success

When you purchase the Medicare Appointment Setter's program you will receive a fully trained telemarketer ready to pull data, create campaigns, and dial on your chosen start day. You also get access to our training & membership portal, invited to our private Facebook group, weekly live zoom trainings, as well as open communication and unparalleled customer support.

We are so confident in our hiring & training process that we offer a 6-Month Replacement Guarantee to our clients. We guarantee the bare minimum weekly average of 4 appointments per day. If your appointment setter doesn't produce- we will replace them, at your request, no questions asked!

This is a complete Turn-Key Program

We find the best talent, train the talent and then turn them over to you. The telemarketer becomes your employee. We don't take a cut or receive any other fees. We provide you, the agent, with basic managerial training and support. We then stand in the background and ensure you have a producing caller or assist you as needed.

Offshore telemarketers are a must have tool for you to generate leads and set appointments everyday. We have helped so many agents expand their business and we will with you too.


Telemarketing is perfectly legal and anyone that tells you otherwise simply does not know what he or she is talking about. Our recommended data source is TCPA Compliant with a DNC Scrub Filter. Our scripts do not solicit for Medicare Advantage and our trained telemarketers are trained on basic TCPA calling guidelines.

We are not in the business of telling Agents how to run their business.

Since this is a Turn-Key system it is the Agent's responsibility to stay updated and adhere to federal, state, and licensure guidelines. It is the Agent's responsibility to manage and direct their overseas employee to remain compliant.

Kevin Brown


"Nick's telemarketing service has been instrumental in helping many of my agents meet new prospects every single week off the year! The more prospects the agents speak to, the more chances of closing! This program is a great tool to help you get there."

Dave Silverman


"I'm brand new at selling Medicare and their system brought me up to speed almost immediately, allowing me to start selling right away. They are caring and knowledgeable and really helped me start my new business. Cannot recommend enough."

Joey Turner


"I'm a second year Insurance agent on a limited budget. After seeing diminishing returns using Direct Mail in 2020, I decided to invest in a Appointment Setters. It has completely revitalized my business! I'm now getting quality real-time leads daily at a fraction of the cost!

Hebert Vinegar


"I used Medicare Appointment Setters to hire and train my telemarketer and she has worked out great for me! I really like that the company keeps its word"

Carmen Howell


"Medicare Appointment Setters has been a great asset to my business and has allowed me to focus on what I like best, “the clients”. The program is almost turnkey, and Nick is there to lend his assistance when needed. I highly recommend trying Medicare Appointment Setters."

Our Clients

Our Callers

We find the very best and provide great opportunity

"A Great Job...

  • 3 USD per Hour is a Good Living in the Philippines

  • Our Agents are encouraged to Bonus their telemarketers for good performance. We have some top tier telemarketers that make a higher wage than American Telemarketers.

  • They get to work from Home

"A great job...

  • 3 USD per Hour is a Good Living in the Philippines

  • Our Agents are encouraged to Bonus their telemarketers for good performance. We have some top tier telemarketers that make a higher wage than American Telemarketers.

  • They get to work from Home
  • They love working with American Agents

  • Medicare Appointment Setters will provide random merit based bonuses

  • Good performance results in Job Stability

  • We have built a great community and network

...& a huge opportunity"

Hiring Process

Our Hiring and Screening Process is Extensive

We make sure to have a large number of applicants at any given time to ensure we are picking the most qualified candidates

Identity Verified

Experienced in Telemarketing

High Speed Internet Connection

Back Up Internet Connection

PC System Requirements Met

Proper Sounding USB Head-Set

Dialect and Voice Screened

Measured on Intelligence

Measured in Sensibility

Measured in Confidence

Measured in Personality

Confident and Upbeat

Training Process

Callers our Certified in our training program 'Phone Pro University'

Here are just some of the skills your telemarketer is trained on prior to ever being placed with you

Expectations and Policies

Medicare Basics

Call Flow

Script Mastery

Campaign Creation

Trouble Shooting

Calling Dispositions

Pulling Data

Splitting Data

Randomizing Data

Loading Data





Webster CRM


Active Listening

Daily Reports

Weekly Reports

Basic TCPA Compliance

Medicare Compliance

Listen to a few of our callers

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